My machine will not run, how can I troubleshoot some basic steps?

Great question, let’s go over some basics before we begin the troubleshooting process.

Always be aware of your surroundings when working on the machine. Use lock-out tags whenever working on moving parts or electrical systems to prevent injury to yourself or others. Be aware of pinch-points, machine movement areas, and other hazards such as High Voltage which could cause serious injury or death. Only a licensed, knowledgeable electrician should work on any power circuits.

In order for any machine to run, it must be correctly powered up.

I’m getting an error message on my machine, what do I do next?

When a machine generates a fault code, it makes the troubleshooting process much easier. Let’s start with the basics.

If these troubleshooting steps have not solved the problem, or if you have any questions during this process, please feel free to contact us directly for assistance at 800-358-2664.