Packaging Consultation

If your packaging process doesn’t seem to be running as well as it could be, get in touch with B&F Plastics. Quite often we can diagnose problems in your packaging lines by observing, taking temperature readings, or checking your machine settings. Sometimes, problems can be solved by simply moving a roll of plastic up or down, or adjusting shrink temperatures by a degree or two. Other times, the problems are quite subtle, and less apparent. With our decades of troubleshooting knowledge and scientific testing, we are very accurate at pinpointing problems, and arriving at real solutions. If you’re having a problem, or you want to tweak your process to maximum efficiency, get in touch with B&F Plastics for a no obligation consultation.

Types of companies that we work with…

We supply a wide range of packaging materials, such as Clysar™ Shrink Films, Stretch/Skid Wrap Films, Carton Sealers and Strapping, Bags & Boxes, Tamper Proof & Safety Seals, Bundling Films, and many other miscellaneous Packaging Consumables.