What is Flexible Packaging?

Flexible Packaging: A product package or container made of flexible or pliable material that, when filled or sealed, can easily change shape. The construction may be one of the following, or a combination of paper, plastic film, or foil and could include: shrink sleeves, stretch film, rollstock, bags, pouches, labels/wraps, or lidding.

Some benefits of Flexible Packaging include its protective qualities, clear display of product, minimal waste, easy to open, security options, and many others.

We supply and support companies that shrink-package, box, bag, tamperproof or bundle the following, and more:


Bulk Liners, Individual Bags, Display Bags, Hot Plate Films, Shrink Wrap, Polyprop Films, Tapes, Stretch Films, Boxes


Ziplocks, Hot Plate Films, Vacuum Bags, Grocery Bags, Carry Out Bags


Scales Systems, Poly Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Shrink Wrap, Pvc Safety Bands, Tapes, Stretch Films, Boxes, Crinkle Cut Papers, Colored Tissue Papers


Shrink Films, Bundling Films, Poly Bags, Stand Up Pouches, Vacuum Bags, Pvc Bands, Stretch, Tapes, Strapping, Corner Boards, Polypropylene Films, Boxes


Scale Systems, Shrink Wrap, Stretch Wrap, Tapes, Boxes, Bags, Corner Boards, Strapping, Bagging Equipment, Skin Films And Equipment


Bundling Films, PVC Shrink Bands, Stretch Wrap, Tapes, Strapping, Corner Boards


Bundling Films, Shrink Films, Skin Films, Poly Bags, Vci Bags, Strapping, Tapes, Stretch Films, Boxes, Corner Boards, Shrink Bands, Kraft Paper