On-site Support

Contact B&F Plastics for On-site Support. We can help you fine tune your equipment or confirm correct materials. We can help oversee set-up of new equipment, and do testing and adjustments. We can test equipment to see whether rebuilding or replacing is the most cost effective option. Or, we can do efficiency testing and recommend purchases of larger equipment, or doubling up on what you have. Whatever support you require, we have the knowledge and experience to help your packaging operations. Call us, if you have an emergency, or contact us via our “Request a Consultation” form.

B&F Packaging offers value added services that give you convenience and competitive advantages. With our accumulated decades of troubleshooting experience we can quickly get to the bottom of your packaging “challenges” and help keep your lines running smoothly, and profitably.

Types of companies that we work with…

We supply a wide range of packaging materials, such as Clysar™ Shrink Films, Stretch/Skid Wrap Films, Carton Sealers and Strapping, Bags & Boxes, Tamper Proof & Safety Seals, Bundling Films, and many other miscellaneous Packaging Consumables.